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Highland Mutiny in the 82nd- The 82nd and Fencibles versus Recruits of the 42nd and 71st

The 82nd was raised in 1778 by the orders of Douglas Hamilton, the 8th Duke of Hamilton in Lanarkshire, Scotland, just southwest of Edinburg, and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, Lanarkshire was located south of the pronounced "Highland Boundary", officially making the region part of the "lowlands" in a manner of speaking. The recruitment of the regiment in the region undoubtedly attracted young men seeking employment, opportunity, travel, and advancement, so the recruiters told them. However, not all were pleased upon assignment to the 82nd. Such is the case of Highlanders, distinctly from the north of the "Highland Boundary", who as the term goes, were "volun-told" to join the predominantly lowland 82nd. 
Glasgow Mercury
January, 19th, 1778The Magistrates of Rutherglen hereby offer a reward of Six Guineas, over and above the bounty allowed by the recruiting officer for every able-bodied man raised in this town and parish, who shall offe…

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